Get a bigger discount by reserving early!
This is a special discount fare available when reserving and purchasing no later than 28 days before departure.

As of October 2019

Terms and Conditions Reserve and purchase an eligible flight with the IBEX28 no later than 28 days before the departure date.
Reservation Period From 09:30 (JST) 62 days before the departure date to 28 days before the departure date
Payment Deadline Reservations made no later than 31 days before the departure date: Within 3 days (including reservation date)Reservations made from 30 to 28 days before the departure date: 28 days before the departure date
  • Please note that if you reserve multiple flights with different payment deadlines simultaneously, the earliest of these deadlines will apply.
Changes Flight changes are not permitted for reservations. It is also not possible to change the name on the ticket or the flight sector.
Refunds Refunds can be requested from the ticket purchase date up to 30 days after the departure date of the reserved flight.
If you have a printed ticket, please take it to the location you purchased it from.
A refund fee (JPY 440 per sector) and cancellation fee (equivalent to approx. 50% of the fare) will apply.
Notes A limited number of seats is available per flight. (This fare may not be available for some flights.)
The applicable fare amount is the amount valid on the ticket purchase date.
Fare adjustments (refunds and extra fees) will not be made after purchase even if the fare amount changes before departure.
Waitlisting is also available for certain flights if the flight you wish to travel on is fully booked.
For more information, please contact the Reservation and Service Center [0120-686-009 (Only available from within Japan) or +81-3-6741-6688; available year round 6:30-22:00 JST]
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