Small Children Traveling Alone

Kid's Flight
We offer assistance from the departure airport up to the arrival airport so that children can enjoy their journeys with peace of mind.

Terms and Conditions

This service is available for children aged 6 or 7 who are not accompanied by anyone aged 12 or over.

  • It is also available for children aged 8 to 11 upon request.
  • Please make the necessary preparations to see off and meet the child at the departure and arrival airports respectively.

How to Make a Reservation

Call the Reservation and Service Center [0120-686-009 (Only available from within Japan) or +81-3-6741-6688; available year round 6:30-22:00 JST] and state that you wish to use Kid's Flight.

Departure Airport

■Boarding Procedures

Please aim to complete the necessary procedures at an ANA airport counter as soon as possible.

  • You cannot use the ANA self-service check-in machine to do this.
  • An application form and a Consent and Release Form are required to use this service. The application form must be filled in on the departure date itself. The Consent and Release Form can be downloaded in advance from our website. (Go here to download the Consent and Release Form.)
  • One person should accompany the child to the boarding gate to see them off.
  • The person seeing off the child will be given a gate pass at the counter.

■Pre-boarding Service

A pre-boarding service is available at the boarding gate. Those wishing to use this service should speak to a member of boarding gate staff in good time.

  • This service may not be available depending on flight status.

Arrival Airport

A member of staff will show the child to the arrival lobby.

  • The person greeting the child in the arrival lobby will be asked to provide their signature.
  • Children aged 5 or under must be accompanied by a passenger aged 12 or over.
  • Please note that boarding may be refused if there is a possibility that the flight may divert to a different airport due to poor weather, etc.

Customers with Cell Phones for Children

Even after being turned off, some types of cell phones, such as those designed for children, may be configured to turn on automatically after a set period of time. Please confirm the procedures below and ensure that the phone is turned off completely before boarding, or undo the relevant setting and then turn off the main power.

Please confirm the procedures on the website for the relevant cell phone company.

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