How to Make a Reservation

You can make reservations using any of the means below.

Online Reservation (on IBEX website)

i. Making/Confirming a Reservation
Making/Confirming a Reservation

You can make a reservation by selecting Seat Availability/Reservations on the homepage.
Reservations can be made at any time of day.
*Once reservations are considered as Duplicated Booking, IBEX Airlines may cancel all of or a potion of a passenger's reservation.

ⅱ. Payment

After making a reservation online, you can make your payment by selecting Proceed with Purchase on the Reservation detail confirmation screen. You can access the Manage Reservations screen from the homepage by clicking the Manage Reservations/Purchase button.
After completing the reservation, please make your purchase before the respective ticket purchasing deadline. A range of payment options is available to suit your needs such as credit card and convenience store payment. (Please note that payment method restrictions apply for some fares.)


Via the Reservation and Service Center

See here for details regarding the Reservation and Service Center.

At ANA Airport Counters

You can make your payment at ANA counters at each airport.

Via Travel Agencies

Please inquire with the relevant travel agency.

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