Electronic Devices

The handling for electronic devices on board has changed partially as of September 1, 2014.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Electronic Devices
  • *1 Once the aircraft doors have closed, a cabin attendant will make an announcement to this effect. Upon hearing this, please immediately turn off any electronic devices or switch them to airplane mode or similar so that they do not emit radio waves.
  • *2 "Not emitting radio waves" refers to a state in which a device is powered on but cannot receive/make calls or send/receive emails (text messages). Devices can basically be used at all times if functions which emit radio waves, such as making/receiving phone calls, sending/receiving emails (text messages), or connecting to the internet, are turned off (by putting the device into self mode, airplane mode, offline mode, flight mode, etc.).
Electronic devices which emit radio waves for the purposes of communication during operation:
  • Devices that communicate wirelessly outside the confines of the aircraft: Cell phones (including smart phones), PHS devices, laptops, personal digital assistants, game consoles, and portable data communication terminals
  • Transceivers
  • Radio-controlled toys
  • Wireless microphones
  • Devices that communicate wirelessly with other devices within the confines of the aircraft through Bluetooth (e.g., wireless mice/headphones) or Wi-Fi (e.g., game consoles) can be used at all times.
    Please note that connecting to mobile Wi-Fi routers or public wireless LAN is prohibited, as this constitutes wireless communication outside the confines of the aircraft.
Electronic devices which do not emit radio waves for the purposes of communication during operation (as a basic rule, these can be used at any time if set not to emit radio waves):
  • Cell phones (including smartphones)
  • Tablet devices
  • Game consoles
  • Laptops
  • TV receivers
  • Radios
  • Beepers (pagers)
  • Video cameras
  • Video players
  • DVD players
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital audio equipment
  • Cable headphones (battery operated)
  • Electronic organizers
  • Electronic dictionaries
  • Battery chargers ...etc.
  • Please set these devices so that they do not emit radio waves by the time the aircraft doors close.

<Points to Note>

  • If the captain determines that there is interference with the safe operation of the aircraft, you may be asked to refrain from the use of electronic devices even during periods in which use would normally be permitted.
  • The use of electronic devices other than those listed above may be restricted in accordance with other company rules and regulations, and our cabin attendants may ask for your cooperation in this matter.
    You may be asked to refrain from using electronic devices if there are passengers on board who are using medical equipment such as pacemakers.
    We thank you for your understanding in this matter.
  • Please pay attention to any safety-related instructions provided by the cabin attendants.
  • Please store electronic devices (such as larger laptops) that may impede an emergency evacuation under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartments in the same manner as other baggage.
  • When using cell phones (including smartphones), electronic game consoles, DVD players, and similar devices, please be considerate of those nearby.
    Please also refrain from talking on the phone when on board as it may disturb surrounding passengers.

Passengers with Cell Phones that Require Particular Caution (e.g., cell phones for children)

If the cell phone turns on periodically to send the position or similar even when turned off, please use the function to completely turn it off before boarding, or undo this setting and turn off the main power.

Please confirm the procedures on the website for the relevant cell phone company.

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