Elderly Passengers

We offer assistance so that older passengers can travel with piece of mind.

Departure Airport

■Airport Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are available at each airport. Please request one upon reservation as the number available is limited.


■Personal Wheelchairs

Please check in your wheelchair at the ANA airport counter.
It may not be possible to check in certain wheelchairs due to cargo compartment entrance or other aircraft characteristics, depending on its size and weight (or the type of battery in the case of an electric wheelchair). Please contact the Reservation and Service Center to confirm this upon making your reservation [0570-057-489 (Only available from within Japan) or +81-3-6741-6688; available year-round 8:00-20:00 JST].

Passengers checking in electric wheelchairs

Batteries used in electric wheelchairs are subject to air transport restrictions. We will verify the battery specifications at the airport.

  • If you are unsure of the battery specifications, please check it with manufacturer in advance. If it is structurally difficult to inspect the battery of your wheelchair visually, please bring something that identifies the battery type, such as an instruction manual. Please be aware that if we cannot confirm the battery specifications, we may not accept your wheelchair.
  • Please come to the ANA airport counter approximately 60 minutes before the flight departure time.

■Pre-boarding Service

A pre-boarding service is available at the boarding gate. Those wishing to use this service should speak to a member of boarding gate staff in good time.

  • This service may not be available depending on flight status.

On Board

  • Please inform our cabin attendants about the assistance you require.
  • On-board wheelchairs are available so that passengers requiring one can move about the cabin.

Arrival Airport

Those wishing to receive assistance upon disembarkation should wait until they are approached by a member of staff.

Reservation and Service Center free dial0120-686-009 (only available from within Japan)
Available year-round 06:30-22:00 (JST)
  • International numbers:
    Tokyo:+81-3-6741-6688 Osaka:+81-6-7637-6688 Sendai:+81-22-716-6688 Fukuoka:+81-92-771-4650
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