Flex Traveler System

What is the Flex Traveler System?

The Flex Traveler System is a system for passengers with flight reservations who are willing to change flight, etc., voluntarily in the case of a seat shortage for their flight caused by the number of passengers with reservations exceeding the number of seats. Participants will be compensated for their cooperation and provided with alternative transport.

How Does the Flex Traveler System Work?

  • IBEX Airlines looks for passengers who are willing to participate in return for the provision of alternative transportation and financial compensation.
  • Financial compensation will be provided to participants as follows:
    Date of Alternative Transportation (departure date) Financial Compensation
    On original departure date JPY 10,000
    Following day or later JPY 20,000
  • In addition to the above, if alternative transport is provided for the day following the departure date or later, accommodation costs, etc., will be paid up to an amount determined by the company.
  • Those wishing to obtain a ticket refund instead of alternative means of transportation will be exempt from the designated refund charge and refunded the full ticket purchase amount. (*Financial compensation will still be paid in this instance.)
  • Payment of the aforementioned financial compensation, etc., will apply to those meeting the following conditions only:
    • (1)Have a reservation for the relevant flight; and
    • (2)Have completed procedures before the relevant deadlines.
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