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Introducing IBEX Airlines' aircraft, seat layout, and on board facilities.




IBEX Airlines operates the Canadian Bombardier CRJ.
This small, 70-seat airliner comes equipped with the latest aviation technology, pilot systems, and safety and other equipment also found on larger aircraft types. The aircraft is quiet and designed with the environment in mind. It also flies at comparatively low altitudes compared to larger aircraft, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views you may not have previously experienced when traveling on larger aircraft.


Length overall Wingspan Height overall Seating Maximum cruise speed Cruising range
32.51 m 23.2 m 7.57 m 70 passengers MACH 0.85 2,794 km
Length overall 32.51 m
Wingspan 23.2 m
Height overall 7.57 m
Seating 70 passengers
Maximum cruise speed MACH 0.825
Cruising range 2,794 ㎞

■Seating (seat map)

Seating (seat map)

Information on Zones

The engines on the CRJ700 are located at the aircraft rear, resulting in far more delicate balance in comparison to regular aircraft with main wing engines.
The aircraft's weight and balance is calculated prior to departure based on passengers taking their reserved seats. However, if passengers move to other seats, this changes the weight and balance and may affect how the aircraft takes off.

For safety reasons, IBEX Airlines checks prior to departure that passengers are sitting in their reserved seats.
If passengers move to other seats, the weight and balance will change, meaning recalculation will be required and thus potentially delaying the departure of the flight.

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in sitting in the seats you have reserved.

On Board

The CRJ cabin has two notable features.



Enjoy refined, pleasant air travel with leather seats available for all passengers.

■Seating Configuration

All seats are in a 2-2 configuration. Choose a popular window seat or an aisle seat upon boarding. With no middle seats, you can relax and enjoy your time on board to the full.

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