Our Commitment to Safety

IBEX operates on the principle that safety is in all aspects ensured by people, and we are therefore committed to each and every member of our company doing their part to ensure it, from directors to staff-level employees.
In keeping with this, our president's own safety declaration has been enshrined into company policy, and the constant guidance that he provides to employees symbolizes the airline's approach.

Commitment on Safety

  • IBEX will give top priority to safety.
  • Safety consclousness is a responsibility we owe to society.
  • IBEX must not take risks with shortcuts to achieve safety.

IBEX Airlines Co., Ltd.
Member of the Board of Directors, President & Representative Director
Takao Asai

We put our efforts into making safety the highest priority in our day-to-day duties. This goes not only for those involved directly in flight operations such as pilots, cabin attendants, and maintenance personnel, but for all of our employees. A safety promotion committee has also been established under the direct leadership of the president with the aim of maintaining operational safety, and each of our departments carries out awareness activities, monitoring, and reporting related to safety.

IBEX offers codeshare flights in partnership with leading worldwide airlines, and this is testament to the company's operational safety.

We will continue to offer safe, comfortable air travel on the Canadian CRJ Series passenger jet aircraft, which is currently in operation in 24 countries by over 50 airlines. We hope to welcome you on board in the near future.

Compliance Statement

We, IBEX Airlines, are an operator of scheduled air transport services and are committed to serving the public interest. Our top priority is to ensure operational safety and on-time performance, and we will work as one unit to establish compliance standards and create a business culture in which we shall endeavor to earn public trust and support.

  • We shall listen to our customers and act swiftly upon their requests so as to fulfill their needs and earn their trust.
  • We shall engage ourselves with social action programs and endeavor to address the environmental issues shared by all humankind.
  • We shall endeavor to establish and maintain good communication with the public and publicize our business information in the timeliest, most appropriate manner.
  • We shall ensure fair and honest trading and maintain healthy political and bureaucratic relationships.
  • We shall ensure public order and the safety of society and respect individuals and their human rights.
  • We shall handle and manage personal information and important corporate information in the most appropriate manner.
  • We shall observe laws and company regulations and act in good faith with high ethical standards.

IBEX Airlines Co., Ltd.

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