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IBEX Airlines Co., Ltd. (IBEX Airlines) works hard to protect the privacy of any personal information provided by you during your visit to this website.

1.Purpose of this Privacy Policy

IBEX Airlines has established this privacy policy to ensure that your privacy is protected by clearly stating the pre-established manner and scope within which those parties that are involved in operating this website will be strictly adhering to as they handle any personal information gathered from you during your visit to this website. By fully disclosing to you the manner and the extent your personal information will be used, we also aim to protect your privacy by enabling you to determine for yourself if you want to provide your personal information to us via this website or not.

2.Personal Information Usage

IBEX Airlines may store your personal information for an indefinite length of time. However, any personal information gathered from you during your visit to this website will be protected as equally as personal information gathered from you by contact with us by phone and mail.
IBEX Airlines will never share or provide third parties with any information you provide online to IBEX Airlines during your visit to this website that could be used to identify you.

3.IP Addressesy

Whenever you access this website, your IP address is automatically recorded as log data. It is necessary to gather and log IP addresses in order to maintain proper operation of various functions of the server used to host this website. Other than the domain name, however, no data obtained by logging IP addresses will be shared with any external third parties.
Note: An IP address is a number assigned to your computer for identification purposes whenever you connect to the Internet.


IBEX Airlines strives to pay as close attention as possible to security in order to securely manage and store personal information gathered from you during your visit to this website. We have implemented rigid security measures to prevent illegal access (that could potentially result in data theft and/or tampering) from external networks to the computer devices on which highly confidential information such as your personal information is stored.

In addition, in order to prevent the interception of information, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encoding technology to encode information. SSL is the Internet standard safety countermeasure for performing website transactions.


This website may contain some links to external websites. However, IBEX Airlines is in no way responsible for the privacy policy of any such external websites. Please refer to the corresponding privacy policy when visiting external sites.

6.Privacy Policy Changes

IBEX Airlines is continually revising this privacy policy in response to technological advancements and changes in security risks. We will make notification via this website of any such revisions when they are made.

7.Application Scope

This privacy policy applies only to this website.